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October 1st is World Vexillology Day!

Flag Facts

If you are a keen flag enthusiast, you may have noticed a spike in flag discussion on October 1st each year. This because October 1st is World Vexillology Day! Let’s take a look at what the day is all about!


World Vexillology Day (or VexiDay) is still a relatively young movement. It was started in 2016 by the Portland Flag Association. Since then, it has been endorsed and supported by numerous vexillological societies from around the globe, from Ireland to Slovenia to India! It is even sponsored by the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV), which is kind of like the UN of vexillology! 

Why Does It exist?

You may have noticed that the movement is ‘Vexillology’, not ‘flag’ day. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, the founders wanted to have a day where ALL flags were celebrated. Lots of countries have their own designated ‘flag day’ to honor their own national flag as a patriotic gesture. So this day for all flags needed to have a distinct name to set it apart! 

Also, October 1st is regarded as the birthday of modern vexillology. On this date in 1961, the first journal of flag studies (The Flag Bulletin) was published by Gerhard Grahl and Whitney Smith (who himself coined the term vexillology!). This makes the name of the day even more apt!

How Do I Celebrate?!

VexiDay isn’t just about showing off your awesome flag collection (of course this is still encouraged!). Indeed, vexillology is defined as “the study of flags”, so go out and learn some things about flags! And if you know loads of flag facts, then share them with whoever will listen! Tweet, Facebook, Reddit, your rooftop, let the world know how cool, interesting and important flags are! 

Still struggling for ideas? Here’s a list to help you get started! 

Enjoy World Vexillology Day! However you do it, make sure you get in touch in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter! Hit the follow buttons below to keep up with the latest flag news! Thanks for reading!

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