Jasper Johns's 'Flag'

The flag that sold for $110,000,000

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I have put a fair few pounds into my flag collection; but that doesn’t scratch the surface of this sale. In the far off distant past of 2010 a painting, aptly named ‘Flag’, was sold privately to Steven A. Cohen for the staggering price of $110 million. This painting breaks the world record for most expensive painting by a living artist.

Jasper Johns's 'Flag'
Jasper Johns' 'Flag'

The painting was created in 1954 by American artist Jasper Johns, just 2 years after his departure from the U.S Army. The painting is said to be inspired by a dream of the U.S in 1954. 

The piece depicts a 48 star (Accurate at the time, missing Alaska & Hawaii) U.S flag, measuring 42.2″ x 60.6″ created with oil paints, fabric and collages; on a piece of plywood.


Jasper Johns' 'Flag' (Close up)

The collage that backs the painting is made up of carefully selected news clippings that didn’t contain headlines, or any meaningful news, most visible newspaper clippings are inconsequential news or adverts.

Now, the fun bit:

What else could you have bought?

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