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1. The largest flag flown

The largest flag ever flown was courtesy of the City of Piedras Negras, Mexico. The colossal flag measured a whopping 34.3m x 60m! Thats about 2/3rds of the size of a football field. The flag was flown on December 2nd 2011 

Worlds Largest Flag
The Flag of Mexico

2. The most people waving flags

The most people waving flags at once was at the Punjab youth festival in Lahore, Pakistan. A magnificent 56,618 people waved their flags on March 1st 2014

Images: Area148.com

The Flag of Pakistan

3. Most flags tattoos

I class myself as an avid vexillologist and I have my own collection of full sized flags, but this guy takes things a step further. Guinness Rishi of Delhi, India has a total of 366 tattoos of flags on his body. Beating the previous record of 306, owned by himself…

Guinness Rishi

4. The largest human flag

India must really love its flags as seen on December 7th 2014. 43,830 people gathered together in Chennai, India to create a massive Indian flag out of coloured paper!

Human Indian Flag
Flag of India

5. The smallest flag

Engineers of Quantum Computing in Waterloo, Canada have created the officially recognised smallest flag in the world, measuring 100th the width of a human hair!

Flag of Canada

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