Three Alternative Flags For Topeka Announced!


In October, we brought you the story of a group looking to redesign the flag of Topeka – the state capital of Kansas. The current flag has been in place since the 1970s – many believe it needs refreshing to reflect how the city has grown culturally since then!

Topeka Flag
The current flag of Topeka, KS

After an extensive process of examining competition entries and running focus groups, FORGE have released their three final designs.
The designs all feature the green/yellow colour combination of the city’s current flag, but have done away with the city seal and produced three modern looking flag designs. All three designs incorporate a sunflower to show the city’s link to the state of Kansas. Stars are also heavily incorporated across the designs as a nod to the state motto – “To the stars through difficulty”.

You can see the three redesigns in the gallery below, and can find more information of the symbolism of each flag at the Topeka Flag website

Now FORGE are asking for the public to vote for their favourite design. Once a winner has been decided, the group will present the case for the flag to city officials.

A huge stumbling block for flag redesign projects is the argument – “Why are our taxes being wasted on designing a new flag?! There are more important issues, the current flag will do just fine!”

This project differs because the design will be there, the locals consulted, all the costly leg work done. The council will simply be presented with a ready-to-go, new, attractive flag to revitalise the image of the city. The hope is that this will remove any concerns about money, and allow the decision to be made on the simple basis of how the new flag looks!

To vote on the designs, simply head to


What do you think of the Topeka flag redesigns? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments, or on our social media! 

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